Since 2011, the Durham Youth Council has served as the representatives of Durham's over one hundred thousand teenagers and young adults.  Working in partnership with other youth committees, community organisations, and all levels of government, we strive to ensure the voice of young people is heard when decisions that will shape the future of Durham Region are being made.

Up to fourteen Youth Councillors meet at least once a month to debate policy proposals, discuss challenges facing young people across Durham, and plan events aimed at promoting youth engagement in democracy.

You can read more about the role of a Youth Councillor here, or apply to serve as a Youth Councillor here.

The Durham Youth Council is entirely youth-run and youth-led.  To promote strong ties between Youth Council and local municipalities, a Board of Directors, consisting of one or more Councillors from each municipality in Durham Region, meets once every three months.  You can learn more about the Board of Directors here.

You can read about Youth Council structure, including the role of Officers, Committees, the Board, and how we are governed in our Constitution and Bylaw, found here.

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