The Durham Youth Council was founded in 2011, and is Durham's original and only for-youth, by-youth Council.

Youth Council is composed of up to fourteen Councillors aged thirteen to twenty-four, from across Durham's eight municipalities.  Youth Councillors are active, engaged community leaders, who represent their peers and work to make Durham a better home for all its residents

Youth Council's goals and activities are two-fold.  First, Youth Council aims to engage young people in their community, by hosting and partnering on community events that promote democracy, leadership, and the youth voice.  Second, Youth Council serves as the voice of Durham's tens of thousands of young residents, by working with community leaders to ensure the youth perspective is taken into account prior to decisions being made that will shape the future of the Region.

The Durham Youth Council believes that youth are key stakeholders in their communities, and have many qualities that can contribute to the betterment of the Region.